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Crushing It from Gary Vaynerchuk – My Honest Take!

Crushing It

Sometimes a book comes along that you simply can’t put down. There are definitely some terrific books out there on various different topics, that follow this trajectory. When it comes to Social Media and Entrepreneurship, this is one of those such books!

In his previous books, Crush It, Ask Gary Vee, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and several others among them, Gary Vee actively provided actionable insights, and elaborately answered people’s questions about hot topics in entrepreneurship and social media. In Crushing It; though there was still much of the same involved, he further seeked to include others’ success stories and provide case studies on how others succeeded following many of his suggestions and tactics.

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How to Start Selling on Amazon with Limited Money

Deciding what’s right for you!

One of the main keys to remember prior to starting with Amazon FBA or on Amazon in general is understanding your capabilities, as well as your strengths. What I mean by that is, being able to differentiate between what you enjoy doing, what your purpose is, and how you feel is the best way to get there.

The truth is, there are tons of business models that you can undertake on Amazon. The hope is that you’re able to eventually utilize all or as many of them as possible. However, the reality is that most people don’t have the time OR the money to do it simultaneously. So, in my hopes to help as many people succeed with online business as possible, I hope to illustrate what is best for those that may not have as much capital to get started. It is my goal to help you turn your business into a powerhouse.

Shiny object syndrome is undoubtedly a big problem in the online space. There are brand new softwares and tools that come out seemingly daily, and no doubt many of which can have a hugely beneficial impact on your business and life. It is imperative however, that you maintain focus and at least initially, focus on that “One Thing.”

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How Avicii Transformed Music Through Passion

For Avicii..

It saddens me to be referring to what could have been. Indeed, it saddens me to write about Avicii, the musical genius, in the past tense. I wanted to write this article to both celebrate Avicii and his accomplishments, as well as illustrate how allowing your business to run you, rather than you running your business is a recipe for disaster, particularly as it relates to ones’ health.

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Lessons from Pat Flynn and How They Could Help You

Pat Flynn

Who is Pat Flynn?

Many people live their entire lives, focused on fulfilling their own ambitions and not worrying about others’ needs. Pat Flynn is not one such person. In fact, he happens to be the complete opposite.

Like many of us, Pat experienced certain trials and tribulations in life that shaped him into what he is today, which is a self proclaimed “Crash Test Dummy of Online Business.”

For a fairly lengthy period of time, Pat was focused on architecture and expended many sleepless nights in order to become an expert at his craft. The company he was working for was experiencing layoffs and unfortunately, Pat was one of those individuals that was not spared in that spree. However, that moment transformed his life and most peoples’ wildest dreams became his reality. Read on to find out how you can have your own life-changing moment!

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How Much Money Do I Need To Start Selling on Amazon?

Buy low, sell high!

As is the case with various other business opportunities today, it’s really important and advantageous to be able to buy a product, service or currency at a lower rate to then, resell at a higher rate.

This applies to Amazon, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, garage selling and many other opportune ventures that exist today.

Though there is always a risk involved when it comes to money; their are ways to mitigate those risks through research, analytics and past performance.

But how much money is really needed to get started?

That’s what I aim to elaborate on in this blog post, and hopefully point you in the right direction to upstart your Amazon journey! We will be discussing 4 different business models you can leverage to start selling on Amazon!

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Mistakes I Made When Starting to Sell Private Label Products Through Amazon FBA

Learn to walk before you can run..

Though my own Amazon FBA journey encompasses various business models and successes, it is most important to acknowledge and reflect back on the mistakes and failures along the way.

I’ve decided to go through some of the unfortunate, yet educational experiences I’ve had throughout my FBA journey and outline some useful tips and resources in an effort to help you avoid them. This post particularly relates to the Private Label Business Model.

My own blunders:

In my hunt for locating the best possible private label products, I wanted to follow the outlined criteria provided by many of the “experts” in the e-commerce sphere. So, what did I do? Well, I sifted through perhaps thousands of articles and course materials, trying to obtain as much information as I could, so I didn’t fail miserably when attempting to discover my first private label product.

They said:

  • Make sure the item weights less than 2 Pounds
  • Make sure the item is not fragile or flammable
  • Make sure the item is not oversized
  • Make sure the item sells for between $10-$50.
  • Make sure the item doesn’t have too much competition; and the competition it does have, should not have more than 50 reviews from at least 3 sellers.

These were just a few of the suggested “criteria” to search when attempting to find your private label product. I decided I’d go all in based on the suggested criteria, and an open mind.

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Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek & Malcolm Gladwell Walk Into a Festival

What happens when Mark Cuban, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, and Malcolm Gladwell walk into a festival?

You get OzyFest of course! What is OzyFest you ask? Well, I’m glad you did. OzyFest is a festival hosted in Central Park in New York City which brings together some of the world’s most innovative and brilliant minds for the purpose of engaging in intellectual discussions, audience involvement, fun in the sun and much, much more!

Imagine a scenario where you are literally sitting in front of Simon Sinek and Adam Grant, and asking them questions directly, rather than through social media?

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Shoe Dog.. The Tales of Nike

In a world filled with uncertainty, there are those unique individuals that embrace it and set out to create, innovate and open up a world of new opportunities to that uncertain world. This is the story of Phil Knight – the founder of the one and only Nike.

His memoir, aptly titled “Shoe Dog,” explores the life of a creative, gifted and humble person that encounters all the types of ups and downs to be expected when attempting to create or make a significant change in the world. It showcases the trials and tribulations he encountered during his quest to make Nike into a worldwide conglomerate.

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The Top 30 Entrepreneurial Quotes to Live By In 2017

With 2016 having passed us by, it is time to look forward and focus on 2017. Whether you’ve accomplished all of your goals this past year, or struggled to do so; now’s your opportunity to start anew. With a new year come new resolutions, renewed focus and an elevated drive to succeed. Nobody can do it alone folks, so let some of the most successful entrepreneurs be your guide. Let’s take a look at some of the most inspirational entrepreneurial quotes to live by in 2017 from some of the most intriguing people of our generation.

Entrepreneurship has a different meaning for every individual involved with it. Each person has a different path or makes their own path. It’s time for some inspiration to help you make yours.

Use this list to keep yourself motivated, in even the darkest of days. Remember, if you know your why, you can endure any how.

P.S. I’ve included some terrific book titles either by, or about some of these wonderful entrepreneurs for added information and continued inspiration. (Note that some of the links featured are affiliate links)

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6 Tips to Discover a Profitable Amazon Private Label Product

The Amazon Private Label Gold Rush1481414241_amazon

It is no secret that people are always looking for the next big thing. Whether that comes in the form of a gadget, a trend, or in many cases innovative ways to make money. The behemoth known to millions of people as has created a landscape for average people like you and me to generate additional income. The question however, is generally always how to leverage your skills to benefit from such an opportunity. Luckily, where there is a question, there is usually some sort of answer as well. With this actionable checklist on how to discover your private label product, I hope to help you lead the life you want and achieve continual success.

Lets Dig Right In 

In order to discover a profitable product, research is essential. Now’s the time to dig deep.

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