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Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek & Malcolm Gladwell Walk Into a Festival

What happens when Mark Cuban, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, and Malcolm Gladwell walk into a festival?

You get OzyFest of course! What is OzyFest you ask? Well, I’m glad you did. OzyFest is a festival hosted in Central Park in New York City which brings together some of the world’s most innovative and brilliant minds for the purpose of engaging in intellectual discussions, audience involvement, fun in the sun and much, much more!

Imagine a scenario where you are literally sitting in front of Simon Sinek and Adam Grant, and asking them questions directly, rather than through social media?

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Shoe Dog.. The Tales of Nike

In a world filled with uncertainty, there are those unique individuals that embrace it and set out to create, innovate and open up a world of new opportunities to that uncertain world. This is the story of Phil Knight – the founder of the one and only Nike.

His memoir, aptly titled “Shoe Dog,” explores the life of a creative, gifted and humble person that encounters all the types of ups and downs to be expected when attempting to create or make a significant change in the world. It showcases the trials and tribulations he encountered during his quest to make Nike into a worldwide conglomerate.

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