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Lessons from Pat Flynn and How They Could Help You

Pat Flynn

Who is Pat Flynn?

Many people live their entire lives, focused on fulfilling their own ambitions and not worrying about others’ needs. Pat Flynn is not one such person. In fact, he happens to be the complete opposite.

Like many of us, Pat experienced certain trials and tribulations in life that shaped him into what he is today, which is a self proclaimed “Crash Test Dummy of Online Business.”

For a fairly lengthy period of time, Pat was focused on architecture and expended many sleepless nights in order to become an expert at his craft. The company he was working for was experiencing layoffs and unfortunately, Pat was one of those individuals that was not spared in that spree. However, that moment transformed his life and most peoples’ wildest dreams became his reality. Read on to find out how you can have your own life-changing moment!

Give the gift of knowledge
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How Much Money Do I Need To Start Selling on Amazon?

Buy low, sell high!

As is the case with various other business opportunities today, it’s really important and advantageous to be able to buy a product, service or currency at a lower rate to then, resell at a higher rate.

This applies to Amazon, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, garage selling and many other opportune ventures that exist today.

Though there is always a risk involved when it comes to money; their are ways to mitigate those risks through research, analytics and past performance.

But how much money is really needed to get started?

That’s what I aim to elaborate on in this blog post, and hopefully point you in the right direction to upstart your Amazon journey! We will be discussing 4 different business models you can leverage to start selling on Amazon!

Give the gift of knowledge
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