5 Actionable Ways to Get More People to Share Your Content

Create, Curate, Connect.. to the World!

Do you want your content to reach a massive audience? It needs to be set up for success.

In today’s day and age, it’s all about getting to the point in the shortest amount of time possible, and to the largest audience. The main question is always, how does somebody capture their reader’s attention, and maintain it long enough to have the user understand the point.. and then of course, hopefully share it.

Thankfully, there are ways to help make this happen, and do it right.

The days of spending days or weeks to research a story, curate it and only then share it are long gone. 

People want interesting, eye-catching and shareable content and it’s the job of the content creator to deliver it, in bite-sized form, consistently.

Location, location, location.. This applies in the e-commerce and copy-writing  world as well.

In order to get as many people in the world to view your content as possible, you must position and package it accordingly

1. Deliverymap-525349_1920

This element relates directly to what type of content is created with respect to length and readability. Readers expect bite-sized information delivered to them through a variety of mediums. This includes social media channels, newsletters, e-mail, and even video. It’s the job of the content creator to put out shareable content that is appealing enough for the reader to have the desire to pass it along. Ensure you have catchy headlines that would catch people’s attention, and reference them throughout your article. Focus on the core of the issues and deliver the content with the reader in mind. Consider his/her intention whilst reading your article, and what benefit your content brings them. Create your content with the reader in mind, and the reader will reciprocate with a share or mention of your work. Utilize youtube to create videos that you can share to go along with your written content.

2. Provide relevant links throughout the article

Inputting links throughout your article serves a variety of purposes. It allows you to direct users back to other important content that you’ve created, and that the reader may be interested in.

In addition, links to external sources creates credibility for you both with the referenced source, as well as your reader. Other experts would appreciate a mention of their work and could potentially return the favor with a link back to your site as well. Meanwhile, the reader is able to see that you’ve researched your topic and thus may consider you an expert in it.

3. Include infographics!

Infographics are a great way to illustrate your content in the form of an image. It adds an artistic touch to your work, and readers are able to marvel at the creativity of your content even quicker through the use of imagery. You can find an example of an infographic in the post here.

Fascinating imagery make a huge difference in the way content is consumed. One article may discuss a topic, without including any images to go along with it, and another may feature an extravagant image. It is much more likely that the reader would consider sharing the content with an image, because they would feel their peers would be more engaged by it. Remember, engagement is key to how far any given content will go.

Utilize infographic creation services, such as or Canva from evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Both are fantastic services to help you deliver your content quickly and beautifully. Not to mention, both give away a bunch of stuff for free!

4. Feature bullet point lists

  • They help highlight your key points
  • Differentiate how the reader consumes your content
  • They also help keep your content organized and clean

5. Share your content!

The seemingly most obvious element here, is to simply share your content. What comes into play here is how you share the content, the efficiency with which it is shared, and which social media platforms are appropriate for it to be shared to get the best results.

In order to have people share your content, they need to know it exists. As such, you need to share it first. Utilize sharing apps, such as buffer to schedule your posts at the most discoverable times.

Decide where to share your content, depending on your niche. If you’re discussing careers for example, your content may be best shared on LinkedIn or Facebook for example.pablo-6

Now it’s your turn. Start creating and sharing your content today. You will reap the benefits of your users’ attention tomorrow. Entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk strive for the reader’s attention and he does a terrific job of keeping it. Use his and other influencers’ methods as motivation, but maintain your own style throughout your work!


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