5 Creative Ways to Generate Additional Income

What could you be doing to generate additional income and help you live the life you want?

It’s the million dollar question that always begs for the million dollar answer

Luckily, there are several methods to generate additional income, both passive and otherwise that can help you get on track. Allow me to do my best to explain how.

  1. Post your skills/resume to sites like Fiverr & Upwork – the fact is that each of us have unique skills and capabilities. The problem, is that most of us are unable to successfully showcase those skills for personal gain. That’s where sites like those aforementioned come in to the picture. They provide a platform for the skilled visionaries to post their abilities online in order for potential suitors to reach out and hire them for individual or long-term projects. This provides a great opportunity for potential employees, as it gives them access to a large scale audience and a great way to add an additional income stream. Both of these platforms are terrific freelance platforms in their own right, providing substantial opportunities for prospective freelancers to procure a work opportunity from the comfort of their home. That’s right folks, sit home, hustle hard, and generate a flowing income stream. Sites like these redefine and disrupt the workplace, by allowing for the workplace to be your own home. Put your skills to work.
  2. User-Testing – You know the problem with opinions? Everyone has one. How about putting that opinion to good use? and several other similar platforms offer users the unique opportunity to provide feedback on both prototype products and websites, as well as those that are already out to the public. Get this… They pay you to do it, too. Simply visit the site, create an account, take the initial “user-test,” and start testing. This blends a variety of benefits together for both parties involved: the company administering the test gets valuable user feedback from real users that they can use to release better quality products or optimize those already out, and you make money for doing so. It’s a win-win.
  3. Buy/Sell domain names – Times may change, but creativity lasts forever. You can never have enough strong domain names. Visit Godaddy or 1and1 or a variety of other great domain registration websites; invest some time into thinking up creative domain names that may be related to trending topics, and buy them cheap. Then, when the topic becomes extremely popular, post it on places like Godaddy’s auction portal, and hope for a winner. Nobody ever knows what the next large phenomenon will be (Look at Pokemon-Go’s rapid rise); but if you’re first to the party, than you reap the benefits.
  4. Publish an E-book on Amazon – Amazon has created a system in which anybody can become wealthy. One such area this is possible is in the publishing sector of Amazon. Utilize your knowledge to publish an E-Book on amazon; work on generating reviews; increase your ranking, and your sales will start organically growing. Amazon is all about ranking and reviews, or otherwise known as “social proof.” If a potential customer sees other people leaving positive reviews on your work, rest assured that would serve as a very good indicator as to whether they would purchase your work as well. There are plenty of Amazon book publishing resources out there, so Google just that, and you’ll land on a gold mine of possibilities.
  5. Create a Youtube channel – These days, everyone is glued to video streaming services, such as Youtube. Why not take advantage of such a large audience? Start creating videos of topics you’re knowledgable in; whether it’s providing tips, consultations, recordings, or everything in between; you can generate substantial profits once the views start growing on Youtube. There are various tiers within Youtube’s payment algorithm. If you hit 100K views, you can generate a certain amount of money, and if you can hit any given video to 1 million views, then it’s a whole different revenue target. Frankly, the opportunities are endless. The beauty is that, you are able to speak your mind about what you enjoy, and appeal to the masses. One man’s/woman’s trash, is another’s treasure; so one person’s knowledge is another’s pleasure.

     5 Keys to $$$

Opportunities are available in a variety of forms. We need to go out and convert on them. It’s one thing to discuss, ponder, think, watch, or hope. It’s yet another to go out and perform, convert, connect, collaborate, and make your goals a reality. There’s never been a better time to achieve your dreams. The beauty lies in your own capabilities, so put them to use in your favor.

You want to have financial freedom? There has never been a better time than now to tackle that goal and crush it.

Give the gift of knowledge
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    Awesome job man! In all honesty, I have never heard of options 1,2, or 4! Not a bad idea to check out!

    Very well written article man! It actually sounds exactly unique to your style! Did you create the graphic yourself? It looks very professional! I am still insistent that you make a good consultant when it comes to small business creation. You can offer insight from m amazon to social media. May not be a bad side thing. I would definitely want to utilize those services!

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