Crushing It from Gary Vaynerchuk – My Honest Take!

Crushing It

Sometimes a book comes along that you simply can’t put down. There are definitely some terrific books out there on various different topics, that follow this trajectory. When it comes to Social Media and Entrepreneurship, this is one of those such books!

In his previous books, Crush It, Ask Gary Vee, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and several others among them, Gary Vee actively provided actionable insights, and elaborately answered people’s questions about hot topics in entrepreneurship and social media. In Crushing It; though there was still much of the same involved, he further seeked to include others’ success stories and provide case studies on how others succeeded following many of his suggestions and tactics.

Whether it was a random, father and son duo recording their craftsmanship on Youtube or a woman reviewing clothing, Gary Vee powerfully showcases how to build a tribe and/or a following on the various social media channels! I, for one was extremely impressed by the amount of empathy and quality content provided in this book, particularly considering how much Gary already provided in his predecessors.

Here’s one of my favorite conversations Gary released; this one with Business Insider

Documenting Versus Creating!

A major theme in this book, comparable to the others was Gary’s consistent suggestion to document your journey, rather than worry about creating new content. Essentially, what I got out of that was that he wanted for us continue or start in most case, releasing content on the various available platforms!

Showcase what you do on a day-to-day basis in trying to build a business; record yourself speaking to your daughter and her ballet recitals, or simply post images on Instagram letting the world know what you ate that day. The more content you release, the more eyeballs you’ll have coming to it!

Emotional Connection:

What particularly touched me, was one of Gary’s reasons for documenting yourself or your loved ones. He posed the question to the readers related to ones’ desire to live through their parent’s lives. This didn’t just mean to look at old photographs of their parents’ wedding for example, but rather literally seeing what their parents did for fun, how they fell in love, where they went shopping, and essentially how they felt in a plethora of moments doing so!

Being able to see your parents’ lives  through their own experiences brings a whole new level of memories, versus wondering how they were able to get by. Imagine witnessing World War II through the lens of their phone, or getting to witness the places they visited through their eyes. That was one of Gary’s primary reasons for documenting, and that really hit a nerve for me personally. That makes me feel as though I should be documenting my own journey so I can then share them with my loved ones in the future, and that may help them make their own decisions down the line.

 Taking the plunge.. don’t worry what others think

Another very important reason Gary preaches documenting over creating is the difference in speed between the two. You can document something instantly, but creating takes on a whole new life of it’s own. Don’t waste time thinking about how to structure a picture or edit a video. Release the content, drive new eyeballs to it, and elevate the content to the next level as time goes on. Nobody is perfect, so seeking perfection will almost definitely keep you stagnant. Don’t be the reason for your own inaction.

The truth is that you’ll always have critics, but you’ll also always have supporters. This is particularly noticeable in the internet age. Focus on providing as much value as you can, and those critics will turn into your loyal fans in no time. Remember that value is subjective. To some people, it may be valuable seeing what food you’re eating, but to others, they may not care for it. Release content consistently, network with other professionals or amateurs in your sphere and learn from what you put out.

The Future & Being First!

I’d be remiss not to mention that Gary is once again adamant about being the first mover on new apps or technologies. It’s safe to say his track record speaks for itself, as he has invested in Uber, AirBnB and Facebook among many others successfully.

He preaches the need to observe new apps in the app store and other marketplaces, see the traction those apps are getting, and start releasing content on those platforms. Of course, don’t limit yourself to just one, but don’t spread yourself too thin either. Work within your capabilities, both with regard to time, desire and ability.

For example, looking back at his own success with Wine Library, he’s noted that much of it’s success stemmed from having been one of the first to engulf himself into Google Adwords when it first came out. He was #1 for the keyword “wine” at that time. Imagine going to google, typing in wine, and having your business come up first in the search results for pennies? Now, that same word may cost $10/per click.

One great tip I got from this was creating a blog post or video, and then running a Google or Facebook ad to that video to drive traffic to that ad. There may be some low hanging fruit to take advantage of there!

Similarly, his experience with Instagram Stories when that came out. He was one of the first influencers to start releasing content consistently on Instagram, knowing the potential Instagram had, and now has over 3 million followers as a result.

For the future, Gary has his eyes on apps like Anchor, which is a podcast app, that allows you to create seamless podcasts straight from your phone, and being able to leverage the millions of ears open to listening. He’s also very keen on promoting Voice, as the next big thing! He believes that Voice operated technologies are the wave of the future, and suggests getting involved with them while they’re still unsaturated. Creating an Alexa Skill is one suggestion, because by doing so, you’d have a first mover advantage on that platform, as it’s still fresh!

Other mentions!

Gary definitely speaks about various other platforms too! He went in depth about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,, Youtube, Podcasts and some others as well, offering unique strategies and insights, that would be invaluable to anyone’s business!

My Suggestion: If you want to scale your business, learn new strategies, and get an extremely enjoyable read on top of it; get this book and fast! It’s already a best seller for a reason!

You can find Gary Vee practicing what he preaches on all the Social Media Channels at:









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