Lessons from Pat Flynn and How They Could Help You

Pat Flynn

Who is Pat Flynn?

Many people live their entire lives, focused on fulfilling their own ambitions and not worrying about others’ needs. Pat Flynn is not one such person. In fact, he happens to be the complete opposite.

Like many of us, Pat experienced certain trials and tribulations in life that shaped him into what he is today, which is a self proclaimed “Crash Test Dummy of Online Business.”

For a fairly lengthy period of time, Pat was focused on architecture and expended many sleepless nights in order to become an expert at his craft. The company he was working for was experiencing layoffs and unfortunately, Pat was one of those individuals that was not spared in that spree. However, that moment transformed his life and most peoples’ wildest dreams became his reality. Read on to find out how you can have your own life-changing moment!

Leed Exam –

In Pat’s studies for the LEED exam, which is an architecture based exam; he needed a way to organize his notes and decided it was a good idea to put them together on a website, so he can refer back when needed. Then, one day, he decided to check out the analytics on his website and realized that there were hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to the site. It turned out that he wasn’t the only one that needed a more organized way to study for the LEED exam.

Once he saw that there was a substantial number of visitors getting to his website organically, he decided to throw up some ads through google adsense. After a few days, he noticed that he started making passive income through those same ads. It was at that moment, when he realized he may have had something big on his hands. It was invigorating for Pat to be able to see his first dollar made online, particularly considering the fact that he did encounter a layoff, which is not pleasant for anyone to have to go through.

As the days went on, Pat focused on continuing to provide value by publishing more and more content. In fact, providing value was always his main goal, as it has been to this day. One thing led to another and he decided to connect with a group of internet marketing entrepreneurs in the San Diego area where he lived. The purpose of that group was to share experiences, offer tips and insights, and discuss potential opportunities. Being the modest guy he was, Pat believed he had much to learn, and so when it came time for him to talk about his experiences, he briefly mentioned that he was organically getting some traffic to his site. When the group asked how many visitors he was talking about and he said a few thousand, they then asked whether that was monthly. To their shock, he answered, daily.

Monetizing through E-Books

Once the group found out that he had so much traction, they immediately advised him to create an e-book and put it up on his site. The purpose of that was so he could monetize on the traffic that was coming to his site. For Pat, that was a tough concept to grasp, as he didn’t necessarily believe that people would be willing to pay something for his insights. He didn’t consider himself an “expert” in the craft. Nevertheless, being the savvy entrepreneur that he was, Pat followed through on the advice from the group, and decided to create that e-Book.

He used e-junkie, a shopping cart platform that allows you to place buy now and shopping cart buttons in order to get that done! Basically, the e-book consisted of insights, instructions and useful guides on things that he already previously discussed on his site. However, this was all organized into an easily digestible and downloadable e-book. After putting the finishing touches on the e-book, he decided to throw it up on his site and see what happens, mainly whether anyone would bite.

At first, it was a bit quiet, but that didn’t last long. He quickly got his first $20 through Paypal, and then another.. and then another. That was a game changer for Pat, as he now witnessed the power of the internet and monetization. He understood that he had an additional income stream on his hands. He further realized that he wanted to dedicate much of his time to help others achieve the same dream. In fact, several of the blog posts that he published off of his SmartPassiveIncome website talk about how to publish an e-Book, similar to how he did it. You can find it here!

The rest is history… Is Born

In 2008, Pat’s “goal was simple; to share the strategies that helped him grow his online business.” That’s stated on his website today! However, he didn’t want to have just another website providing information. He wanted to ensure that information was reliable, ethical and proven. That’s been the difference for him ever since. You can never underestimate the power of trust and empathy, and Pat definitively had both. That’s why so many people were able to relate to him over such a short period of time!

Since its’ inception, SmartPassiveIncome has been a platform through which Pat has been able to share invaluable tips and tricks to hungry entrepreneurs that are extremely eager to learn. He provides tremendous value through every section of his site.

Passive Income

Diversified offerings

Just like Pat’s own goal to have multiple income streams, he focuses on providing diverse insights through multiple mediums, so his raving fans can devour his content the way they want it. Some prefer audio, others video and still others a readable format. He’s been able to provide that value in all capacities, thereby not leaving anybody behind.


Pat has created 3 unbelievably valuable Courses, including the: Will It Fly Companion Course, the Smart from Scratch Course, and most recently Power Up Podcasting, all of which can be found directly through his site at If you’re interests lie in starting an online business and learning through video is your preferred method, then INVEST in these courses. You’ll be thankful you did.


In addition, Pat has an incomparable blog through which he posts incredible content, brings on guest bloggers, and perhaps most impressive of all, shares his monthly revenue as well as the ways in which he attains it every month. That alone has contributed significantly to Pat becoming one of the most trusted influencers online. Having the courage to share how you make your earnings and where it all comes from is incredible, and Pat does exactly that. He holds nothing back. In fact, he was a pioneer of this tactic, and has continued it ever since. Try going through some of his posts, and I assure you, you won’t be able to stop.

Smart Passive Income Podcast

If you’re into listening to advice, then he’s got that covered too. The Smart Passive Income podcast is meant for that purpose. In it, he shares the same experiences he does through his blog, but is able to bring on amazing guests to share their experiences as well, thereby multiplying the value he already provides. Pat diversifies the guests he brings in, so everybody that listens is able to gain some sort of value that can help change their lives.

But, that’s not all! He also runs the Ask Pat Q/A forum, in which he allows people to submit their questions for a chance to be featured on the show. There, he picks questions weekly and answers the ones he feels would be most valuable to his audience. Previously, this had more  of a question and answer structure to it; however in keeping with his promise to provide as much value as possible, he decided to turn it into a dialogue between him and a member of his audience through which he helps that individual achieve their goals. This is just another way he’s able to communicate with his audience in a transparent and helpful way!

 Smart Passive Income Podcast

Other Involvement

Outside of everything already mentioned, Pat has a strong presence on all the social media channels, including a powerful Facebook group, in which he’s incorporated something he calls “Free Speech Friday,” through which he allows for members of his group to say whatever they wish and promote their own ideas and strategies. This is yet another way he tries to give back; giving a forum for his fans to speak their mind, share insights and feedback, and get noticed.

Youtube has been on Pat’s radar for 2018, and he’s been focused on having more of a presence there. So what does he do? Of course, provides insane value, with different tips about anything and everything business related!

Check out his channel here!

It should also be mentioned that he has written a couple of books as well, including Let Go and most recently, Will It Fly , both of which can be purchased through Amazon!


Final Thoughts

Look, it’s fairly simply and the writings’ on the wall. If you want to learn more about online business, additional income streams, and essentially almost anything business related, Pat Flynn should be your go-to resource. There’s a reason why he was recognized and/or featured by Forbes, the New York Times, and Inc magazine just to name a few.

Do yourself a favor and transform your life, with Pat Flynn!


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