Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek & Malcolm Gladwell Walk Into a Festival

What happens when Mark Cuban, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, and Malcolm Gladwell walk into a festival?

You get OzyFest of course! What is OzyFest you ask? Well, I’m glad you did. OzyFest is a festival hosted in Central Park in New York City which brings together some of the world’s most innovative and brilliant minds for the purpose of engaging in intellectual discussions, audience involvement, fun in the sun and much, much more!

Imagine a scenario where you are literally sitting in front of Simon Sinek and Adam Grant, and asking them questions directly, rather than through social media?

Think about the last time you had the ability to watch Mark Cuban answer questions live, discussing his path to fame and fortune and simply conversing as a human being…

Or how about listening to Malcolm Gladwell discuss Outliers or some of his other best selling books…

Think about it.. I’ll wait……………………….

Now imagine doing all of those things in the same place! Oh.. and a few other famous celebrities just happen to show up as well… Jeb Bush, Chef, Samatha Bee, Jason Derulo, Michael Che from SNL, Van Jones, and much more…

Well, you don’t have to imagine, because that’s exactly what took place at OzyFest 2017, and lucky for you (and me,) I was there and I’d love to tell you all about it.

Free .99?

If you had the chance to go to an event like this, would you go? How about if the event was free too? Well, that’s exactly what it was, for me at least. If you’re interested to learn how, then simply contact me and I’d be happy to share! You can also sign up to my email list, and I’ll occasionally share some special opportunities with you that you wouldn’t need to hunt for yourself! But, I digress.

My 3 Main Reasons For Going to OzyFest

  • The cost is an astounding “Free .99”.
  • I wanted to hear one of my favorite authors, Adam Grant speak in person, having read his books and attempted to apply the learning.
  • I wanted to make fun of Jeb Bush for his comedic campaign…just kidding…. no, but seriously; I’m not.

—–> So, of course – the cost isn’t normally free. Normally, there’s a charge of around $50. However, there are specials where you are able to get half off until a few days before the event, and then of course there’s a way to go for free as well! Nevertheless, for this kind of lineup, would you not at least consider paying full price?

Lineup can be found here

In case you’re wondering, I did get a chance to hear Adam Grant speak, and guess what? I met him too!

Here’s a picture of us:


As you can see, he’s really excited to see me, and yes, I am wearing a fanny pack. No, it’s not mine. They gave them out to us at OzyFest. So, I guess now it is mine.

But wait, there’s more.. He had a special guest with him. Someone with over 20 million views on his Ted Talks/Videos. And oh yes.. I did meet him too:) Very kind and intellectual guy I might add.


Can you guess who this is prior to viewing the video? 

I’ll leave this one here:

Let’s not forget JEB.

No… I didn’t make fun of him….That wouldn’t be right. But.. I did take this pretty cool photo of him from the event! – Thanks for the creativity babe;)

Having accomplished my goals, and proceeding to wait for a few of my buddies as they were waiting in line for 2 hours or so to get food, I was able to catch the “Cubes”, Mark Cuban to be exact doing what he does best!


In addition, we were able to see Malcolm Gladwell speak and Eddie Huang (Celebrity Chef/Lawyer) showcase his skills, so that was a sweet add-on!

Here’s what I missed:

  • Jason Derulo, Samantha Bee, Van Jones, Katie Couric, Zara Larsson, Talib Kweli and Katie Couric just to name a few.

I could have seen them too – just couldn’t handle the heat, literally. Environment for the win!

Until next year OzyFest!

With that, I conclude my synopsis of OzyFest 2017. I hope you now have a good idea of how it all went down, and hopefully will consider joining me in 2018!

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Signing off.. GB

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